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The Benefits of a Second 8th Grade Year

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We call it 8th+ GAP Year…it’s also known as a Holdback or Retention Year. It’s benefits are monumental, but not the norm. Let’s weigh the pros and cons…

Children all over the world have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. From missing out on everyday learning in the classroom to experiencing a harsh pause in consistent athletic training, kids who attended middle school during the pandemic may struggle to reach their full athletic and academic potential.

While schools have done their best to keep up with traditional learning standards, more and more parents are noticing their children falling behind. This has caused otherwise gifted children to lose out on the promising futures they once had. And it’s not their fault.

We wouldn’t encourage someone to drive a car without feeling confident and ready. The same applies to children and high school. That’s why we offer a specialized 8th+ GAP year program for students who have completed 8th grade but require more attention and focus in both their studies and athletic training. This gives children the time and attention needed to get back on track and flourish in one of the most competitive areas in the United States.

Repeating 8th grade in a unique and innovative environment gives children a second chance. It acknowledges how difficult living through the pandemic was and helps them get caught up in all areas of their life. Our innovative middle school was specifically designed to help children just like yours achieve excellence.


Is repeating 8th grade right for my child?

It’s right to question whether or not alternative forms of education are right for your child. While it may not feel like the norm, it’s important to remember that our recent reality has been anything but normal. Children that used to attend school every day found themselves trying to learn from a screen for hours on end. Intensive athletic schedules were abruptly put on hold and children who once played outside every day found themselves glued to the TV. The support that children so desperately need in their formative years has been missing, and we’re dedicated to fixing that.

Because we don’t believe in sending a child who isn’t ready into the overwhelming world of high school. Our school works tirelessly to ensure your child has a carefully curated athletic and academic curriculum tailored to where they need the most help and assistance. This results in happier and more confident children who can pursue opportunities that otherwise may have been taken away from them.

Get in touch

As parents, all we want is what’s best for our kids. And sometimes, that means acknowledging the strain of the pandemic from both an athletic and academic perspective. That’s why we’re here to help. If you want to learn more about our innovative sports academy junior prep, get in touch today. It may just be the best thing you’ll ever do for your child.


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